VP Tools for a distinguished gentleman

Here are the tools I use and recommend for capturing the virtual worlds.

Capturing tools

MSI Afterburner

url : MSI Afterburner

Since a very few games gives you the possibility to capture pictures this one is a must have ! It allows you to capture frames but also to record a movie.



url : Otis

This is not only a photomode it also allows you to control time and weather on some game or to add video paths if you want to create a (short) movie.

How to use :

Run the game and then the IGCSClient.exe. If the game runs as administrator, you have to run the IGCSClient.exe also as administrator. In the IGCSClient, simply click ‘Inject DLL’. If it hasn’t found the horizonzerodawn.exe process, please click on the ‘Select…’ button to select it and then click ‘Inject DLL’.

Don’t close the client, it’s your tool to the camera for configuration.

There’s a Help tab in the GUI. Please read it.

– Otis_inf

Otis Photomodes

Universal Unreal Unlocker

url : Universal Unreal Unlocker

More than 200 games without photomode now have one, here is the list of games that work with the unlocker. It works the same way the Otis photomodes does.

Live Post-Processing


url : ReShade

This one can be very tricky to handle but it totally worth the effort.
You can change contrast, brightness, colors, image format or add ambient occlusion, real depth of field effects…live. With this one Lightroom and/or Photoshop are not necessary anymore.