Taft Agency

The Agency is currently on hiatus.

The Myth

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria

Created by the British East India Company in 1783.
Its primary purpose was to map and census the populations of the British Empire.
1853, Queen Victoria evolved the missions of the agency. Agents were mandated to collect informations on myths, legends and beliefs of local people. Europe was then booming spiritism and affiliated science.

1858, Her Majesty made an agency under her direct control and authorized the agency to conduct its own investigations in the most remote parts of the empire.

With the end of Civil War the agency could open offices in the United States. New York in 1868 then Boston (1873) and finally Saint Denis in 1882. This allowed the agency to make contacts with the world’s most prolific inventor.

Nikola Tesla was therefore hired to create two machines, one able to detect, thanks to electricity and magnetism, the presence of spirits, the other one to hear and record those spirits. In addition, they were equipped with cameras to illustrate and provide the evidence needed for their investigations.

The Reality

The Taft Agency is a “Red Dead Redemption 2” Virtual Photographers Collaborative Posse.

Members are @AmAzingDrLama, @ttgaming931, @Patman_Parkour, Misthos Living and myself, Jimmy Sambreville. The main purpose of all of this is having fun all together and make virtual photographies. We come from 4 countries from 2 different continents and play on PS4.